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  • beans_cancerresearch

    The Cancer Prevention Properties of Beans


    Like many scientific findings, this one started out with an inkling and a passing conversation. To hear Henry Thompson tell it, a chance meeting on campus led to a decade-long project that would uncover health benefits, such as cancer prevention, of dry beans.

  • AgAdventures

    CSU Students Teach Hundreds of Third-Graders about Food, Fiber

    Ag Adventures at ARDEC, 2013

    Third-graders across the Poudre School District took their big field trip of the school year – a visit to Colorado State University’s research farm to learn about the sources of their food and fiber

  • Lysimeter Project - Measuring Crop Water Use to comply with the Arkansas River Compact

    Lysimeter Project

    Lysimeter Project - Measuring Crop Water Use to comply with the Arkansas River Compact

    The CSU Lysimeter Project, established in 2006 and expanded in 2009, is based at the Arkansas Valley Research Center in Rocky Ford, Colorado. The project uses two lysimeters and a network of weather stations to precisely measure the amount of water used to cultivate crops in Colorado’s  agriculturally important Arkansas River Valley

  • San Luis Valley - potato

    You say Potato, I say Colorado

    San Luis Valley - potato

    CSU spuds grabbed the spotlight this year.  Take a look!

  • CSU Library Historical Archives - Soil Testing

    A look back at the Agricultural Experiment Station

    CSU Library Historical Archives - Soil Testing

    In November of 1891, farmer L.A. Norland of LaJara, Colo. wrote to the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station at Fort Collins to request “the bulletin recently published by our State Agricultural College on the subject of artesian wells: particularly do I wish the information in regard to the wells in the San Luis Valley.” Mr. Norland’s request was only one of thousands of letters from not only Colorado residents, but people all over the nation and even across the Atlantic.


About CAES

Colorado State University

The Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) is committed to finding practical solutions to food and natural resources challenges facing the people of Colorado. Our research efforts extend across the entire campus, involving faculty and staff from more than 15 academic departments in seven colleges, and reaches from the main Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, to seven off-campus research centers around the state. Our mission is to conduct research that addresses the evolving business, climate, and policy conditions that affect farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.

Jeffrey J. Steiner, Deputy Director